Dr. Fone, a complete suite to pass data between your computer and your iPhone easily

One of the most tedious tasks that we find the iPhone or iPad users is to pass data between our devices and the computer. We already know that iTunes is not a very friendly option for this task, so we can end up bored and unable to finally do anything, accumulating material in the device.

Dr.Fone is presented as the best alternative to iTunes, since it offers us a program that we can use on both Windows and MacOS systems. If you want to know everything you can do with Dr.Fone, how to pass photos from the iPhone to the PC and much more, do not miss this article.

What can I do with Dr.Fone?

Simplify much the task of file exchange, no matter what kind they are, between your iPhone or iPad to your computer. It is as easy as connecting our device to any of the USB ports that are free and automatically Dr. Fone recognizes it. After granting the appropriate permissions, you know, “Trust this computer”, you can begin to exchange files with total security.

Dr. Fone, a complete suite to pass data between your computer and your iPhone easily
Dr. Fone, a complete suite to pass data between your computer and your iPhone easily

How is Dr. Fone?

What is striking is that the weight of the program, for both Windows and Mac is quite small, which greatly facilitates the download. After installing it, we are facing a very clean development in Spanish, where everything is very clear. There is no room for doubt, and it is a very grateful thing.

So do not be afraid to use it, it’s so intuitive that you’ll quickly forget the complications of iTunes and stay with the doubts of whether or not you have managed to pass a file, with Dr. Fone there is no margin for error.

What are the functions that Dr.Fone has?

If you think that you are only going to be able to file, we have to tell you that nothing is further from reality. Dr.Fone is a very compile suite with which you can perform actions such as:

Recover iOS.
Restore iOS.
Copy and transfer files.
Make backup copies.
Make backup copies of WhatsApp, LINE or WeChat.
Optimize space
Clear private and complete iOS data.
Optimize iOS.
Unlock iOS.

As you can see, all the options are totally useful and you can perform a free trial by downloading the program from the buttons below. Do not stay with the desire to try it, because you will love it as much as we do. Dr.Fone is the solution for those people who look for comfort, functionality and not complicate the least when interacting with your iPhone or iPad.

You already know, download Dr.Fone and check that everything we have told is true. Do not miss out on your free copy!

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