Huawei HiVision, an encyclopedia with AI that allows the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to recognize objects, translate texts or calculate the calories of food

Huawei continues to surprise at this end of 2018, and does so on its own merits thanks to a Huawei P20 and Huawei Mate 20 that finally allow the company based in Shenzhen to compete in the forefront of a market that this year has allowed movements to the most daring

And if something has dared Huawei is when it comes to adding value to their smartphones, offering advanced functionality over a base with high quality finishes and high-performance hardware that practically no longer makes a difference, but that has left Huawei with the only chipset manufactured with 7 nanometer technology from the current mobile market.

We talked about how the HiSilicon Kirin 980, a high-performance SoC designed to surpass the best of Qualcomm, and integrating a double NPU responsible for processing related to machine learning to get the best AI of the Android platform.

But … do not you wonder what Huawei has done with such power and artificial intelligence? Then equip your Mate 20 Pro with Huawei HiVision technology, a surprising functionality that allows the latest flagship of the Chinese manufacturer to scan their surroundings with the camera and recognize what they see to find information related to objects, buildings, works of art, etc. …

HiVision, or how your Huawei recognizes what you see to help you with what you need

Huawei HiVision, an encyclopedia with AI that allows the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to recognize objects, translate texts or calculate the calories of food
Huawei HiVision, an encyclopedia with AI that allows the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to recognize objects, translate texts or calculate the calories of food

HiVision is the answer to the question of how to take advantage of the best camera in the smartphone market using the enormous possibilities of artificial intelligence, and yes, it is a function that reminds a lot of Google Lens but in this case is integrated into the application of Huawei’s proprietary camera.

In fact, it is a native feature in EMUI 9.0 that the Kirin 980 will process quickly and efficiently, allowing the Mate 20 Pro to tell us what the object we are portraying is for, which frame we have on the screen or get us a map of the building to which we are taking a picture.

Its possibilities are incredible, because not only you can scan objects, recognize monuments or places or know additional information about pictures or works of art, because HiVision is able to also recognize products and search them on the Internet for a direct purchase at the cheapest store, or a function that we also saw in Samsung Bixby like recognizing the food and calculating its calories just by pointing it with the camera of the phone.

A growing database that in the case of food offers Azumio, a health and fitness company that has partnered with Huawei to power HiVision Identify, the image-based search function developed by the Chinese manufacturer, with innumerable entries of nutritional information.

And if we talk about art, the technology developed by Huawei uses data from Artace Inc. to perform the analysis of the captured image, a company known in the industry for developing the popular Magnus application and which has achieved a response time with the Chinese manufacturer impressive when it comes to recognizing works of art, something that sometimes does not succeed but promises to improve as deep learning can continue their learning.

HiVision Shopping and HiVision Translate, the easiest way to compare prices and translate texts

Surely one of the most attractive features of HiVision is the one that provides its shopping section, as the Huawei tool returns to Google ideas to offer more information about the products we photograph in a store, and even compare the best prices in a review by the most popular Internet retailers.

At the moment, HiVision Shopping integrates with Amazon for direct purchases from the application, and the recognition is quite effective in some types of product promising to improve again thanks to the AI ​​and the ViSenze Pte database.

The latest function offered by the HiVision suite is also quite impressive, as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera is capable of recognizing texts in an image, allowing instantaneous translations in seconds and without even having to take photographs.

HiVision Translate allows us to simply point to a text with the camera and it will be translated into our language before the astonished gaze of those who do not know this useful and attractive function that offers compatibility with up to 10 languages, and that will become your best ally in the restaurants abroad.

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