It was never so easy to buy content from iTunes and the App Store

Apple is always on everyone’s lips, it no longer just designs and manufactures incredible devices, it has an exclusive app store, the App Store, as well as a multimedia service like iTunes in which to find more than 45 million songs and thousands of movies in 4K.

And it is increasingly common to access services of this type to download and enjoy both applications that we need to rent or buy a movie, documentary or that disc that we like so much. They make our devices aware of apps, games or multimedia content adapted to our needs and tastes.

The App Store, the most stocked store

The App Store started working 10 years ago and has managed to combine more than one and a half million applications of all kinds, and we can easily find its classification: productivity, leisure or games are some of them. Since iOS 11 was launched, it has only improved, now it is a very friendly place with daily updates and recommendations from its experts.

Every day it is interesting to discover all the news that is released, which are those that have a special price for a while, or the updates that the developers apply to them. As you can see, it is constantly evolving and every day there is an interesting surprise.

iTunes, the multimedia experience on your device

It was never so easy to buy content from iTunes and the App Store
It was never so easy to buy content from iTunes and the App Store

And why deny it, we live in the society of the image. Everything enters thanks to the senses and having at our disposal a catalog full of material, both classic and premiere, is a possible luxury and adapted to our pockets. iTunes has diverse material available for streaming rental available for 30 days once you make the purchase and with 48 hours to enjoy it from the moment you start playing. Or if you prefer, you can have that content forever if you buy it and be able to view it as many times as you want.

The musical catalog does not fall short, we have millions of songs of all genres, from world music and classical to the latest in leading bands. Buy a song is possible from 69 cents and we have up to 90 seconds free to know if that topic is what we want. More advantages impossible!

Pay comfortably with Starselect iTunes cards

No doubt Starselect is the most convenient way to buy the content you want using iTunes cards. You can buy them with a pre-set balance from 15 to 200 euros and receive it comfortably in your email, or that person you want to make a gift.

Simply redeem the code in the App Store or the iTunes Store and select that content of your interest to enjoy it. And because this system is so comfortable and safe to use, you can spend your balance at the pace you want. Whether on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV or Mac, your content will be available at any time and ready to be enjoyed.

Starselect provides its services in most European countries and has been doing so since 2009, with great satisfaction from its customers and with the advantage of being able to pay both with a bank card and with PayPal, Trustly or bank transfer. Make it easy with Starselect, get your iTunes code in a few minutes and enjoy your favorite content and applications as soon as possible.

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