Many AI-powered options in the camera Huawei Mate 20 Pro: expand your creativity!

Two are the key sections when assessing the growth of Huawei in 2018, with Huawei P20 and Huawei Mate 20 that finally compete in the forefront of the market, thanks without a doubt to photography and artificial intelligence as main assets .

Surely no one will be surprised by the bet of a Chinese giant who wants to reach number one in the short term, and that almost everything is played by a triple sensor signed by Leica that Oppo, LG, and even Samsung wanted to imitate . Not in vain, Huawei is left with the best results in night photography on the market, the best zoom with up to 5 increases in hybrid mode and many video options to become almost a film director.

But do not think that the thing ends here, because the Chinese manufacturer has taken a differentiator as the camera and has put it in the cocktail shaker with the future of smartphones, getting artificial intelligence to add almost infinite options to expand our horizons and our creativity when taking pictures with our mobile.

No doubt the HiSilicon Kirin 980 contributes, which is already the first 7-nanometer chipset to reach the smart phone industry with a double NPU responsible for processing related to machine learning.

An AI that understands what you see to help you become a better photographer

Many AI-powered options in the camera Huawei Mate 20 Pro: expand your creativity!
Many AI-powered options in the camera Huawei Mate 20 Pro: expand your creativity!

A technology of the future already very present, and is that AI and machine learning have reached mobile devices to stay and make life easier, improving the interaction with the smartphone and providing it with much more advanced capabilities by allowing you to learn from us, from how we use the telephone and why we usually use it at all times.

This is what Huawei does, which uses artificial intelligence applied to photography thanks to an intelligent software solution capable of predicting the use of the phone and automatically preparing for the best results.

Thus, a Huawei Mate 20 Pro is prepared to recognize what the camera is seeing at all times, adjusting the scene and all the parameters of the photograph automatically and transparently to the user, improving the final result in a way that practically does not requires user intervention.

The purpose is to implement an intelligent automatic mode that is truly true, and that can learn from what the camera sees to photograph the scene by adjusting the appropriate options at all times, and without the user having to configure photographic parameters by hand professional that most of the time you will not understand.

The newest of Huawei, its Mate 20 family, is capable of recognizing more than 1,500 different scenes and scenarios, divided into more than 25 categories each with its own settings and customizations.

This will allow the phone to choose the perfect focus, correct the lighting according to the scene, balance whites and saturation, compensate the exposure and even illuminate the shot if the photograph is nocturnal. Not only that, but the AI ​​also takes part to stabilize photos and videos, improve the zoom or advise us of the perfect frame to capture the best possible picture.

And if all this seems to you little, Huawei has equipped its new Mate 20 in a way called IA Painting Photography that is able to segment different objects and scenes in a single photograph, separately configuring each part of the photo so that the final result be perfect.

The color, brightness or contrast are adjusted automatically and independently in each differentiated part of the scene, giving prominence in the focus to the central axis of each shot, to people if they are detected, to a pet or to the different elements of a composition or landscape.

Many options by Huawei, who wants to expand our photographic horizons with a family of smartphones capable of the best in a section that makes a difference and much today. Surely the most experienced in photography will enjoy it, and those who are not so knowledgeable can also get juice thanks to the assistance of the AI ​​…

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