MIME: Samsung’s sub-brand to make the mid-range more affordable in Europe

The latest rumors hinted that Samsung’s J family would be replaced by the M range. A few days ago we showed you the first data of the Samsung Galaxy M30, the first supposed device of this family. The confusion and assumption about a possible M range is given by the nomenclature used for this terminal, which was called SM-M305F.

In a press release Samsung informs us that although the manufacture and software depend on the South Korean company, the alleged Galaxy M range corresponds to MIME, the new sub-brand under the umbrella of Samsung to conquer the mid-range in Europe. While there is an important change at corporate level, MIME devices will not come to revolutionize the market as POCO or OnePlus, but aim to make more accessible an average range that, for many users, had a somewhat high price.

MIME is Samsung’s new philosophy for the mid-range

MIME: Samsung's sub-brand to make the mid-range more affordable in Europe
MIME: Samsung’s sub-brand to make the mid-range more affordable in Europe

Samsung explains what is behind MIME, its new initiative for the mid-range in 2019. The Galaxy J range will be eliminated as predicted in the rumors, and the distribution of the new devices will be mainly through the operators. The philosophy of the company is clear, they want cheap phones for everyone.

Maintaining competitiveness in the mid-range is important. Introducing a new family in such a saturated market does not make much sense. Therefore, we bet on a new company that will be able to make room in the entry range, with competitive prices and great offers thanks to the operators.

MIME will arrive at the catalog of the main Spanish operators -Orange, Yoigo, Vodafone and Amena, in principle- as of February, and MIME Young will be the first device of the company. It will have an Exynos 7288 processor, 32 GB of internal memory, 3 GB of RAM, a double camera of 13 and 2 megapixels and a 3015 mAh battery. It will be made of plastic and will have the possibility of Dual SIM.

MIME comes to decongest a saturated range of Android input

A risky bet to start the year with strength, before an unbeatable Xiaomi and Huawei with a view to reign in the Android market in 2020. An extra competitiveness never comes bad to the market, to decongest an oversaturated device market dominated by a few firms. It only remains to wait for MIMO to land in our country to know its first proposal.

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