Samsung has developed a lousy case with ears to record videos of ASMR

According to its practitioners, ASMR is a biological phenomenon that occurs in the form of a tingling sensation when we are exposed to certain visual and / or auditory stimuli. And although (for the moment) there is no scientific study to endorse its existence in a sharp way, the most assiduous to the ASMR assure that it is an inexhaustible source of sensations as pleasant as relaxing.

That is why since the phenomenon was “discovered” back in 2010, the Internet has been truffling videos of people whispering to microphones, practicing intensive hair scrapes or simply and chewing cucumbers with effusiveness. All a cyber-culture worthy of study that has been overdeveloped these last years in the heat of YouTube, and about which Samsung has something to say.

In the framework of its C-Lab program (or Creative Lab), Samsung announced this week via an official communication the eight highly innovative projects it is currently working on. All of them will be presented officially this January during the CES 2019, and from there it will be decided if these prototypes go out or not to the market.

It should be noted that these eight C-Lab projects have been developed based on initiatives by Samsung’s own employees and that all of them have Artificial Intelligence as the main protagonist. While it is true that there are such interesting proposals (of which we will talk about another day) as an app that allows you to record and edit video at the same time or a monitor that corrects your posture while you work on it, it is imperative that we focus today on aiMo, the case with special ears for ASMR.

aiMo: Samsung and the ASMR, hand in hand

Samsung has developed a lousy case with ears to record videos of ASMR
Samsung has developed a lousy case with ears to record videos of ASMR

aiMo is presented as a solution for recording ASMR videos with the mobile phone. It is a case, apparently compatible with the thickness of Samsung terminals, which consists of two replicated human ears located at both ends. These two ears, together with a professional recording software, would allow “ASMR professionals” to produce sounds as realistic as those achieved in a studio using simply their mobile phone.

Other media have pointed out that this accessory can also have other uses, as do binaural microphones. We have not come up with any extra advantages of having a case with ears, but as always, we invite you to use your imagination.

In any case, the fundamental purpose of aiMo is none other than to make available to all mortals the possibility of creating high quality ASMR videos, so be prepared because in case the project becomes a reality, YouTube would embrace an entire new wave of ASMR videos, with all that that entails.

The acronyms of ASMR respond to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (Sensory Response Meridiana Autónoma), a neologism of apparently technical meaning that in fact simply gives name to a species of “auditory-visual synesthesia” that, as you probably suspect, affects in a very different to each person. It is something like that feeling of affection that you have when you remove the protective plastic from the screen of a new mobile. There are people who “feel” those vibrations and people to whom this produces the most total and absolute indifference.

In case you want to give an opportunity to the issue here we leave you a Spotify list with different ASMR sounds. Try it and tell us.

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