The best strategy games for iPhone and iPad

The strategy games do not leave anyone indifferent, they have as many followers as detractors. Now, of what there is no doubt is that it is a theme with one of the most solid communities in the gamer world. For that reason, it is always interesting to know which are the leading pages that offer this type of strategy games. Sites that gather recommendations, such as the App Store itself or the same section of games from our sister website iPadizate, can give us a cable to identify the latest trends in the sector and discover only the best news.

And if we talk about strategy games we have to do it talking about the three titles that have the greatest pull among the strategist community, coming out, of course, from the arch-known Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and the MOBA Arena of Valor. Today we present three different proposals but with a very large community around them.

Vikings: War of Clans, Scandinavian fight.

This game is characterized by an impressive development at the graphic level, an excellent plot and a very clear goal: the triumph. The story, with a Viking theme, brings together the best of strategy games, elements such as intelligence, persuasiveness, patience and leadership spirit. The first thing that catches the attention of the game is the fact that, unlike other related titles, it does not have a static screen, but offers the player a high degree of personalization, something to thank in this branch of mobile gaming.

In Vikings: War of Clans, armies will have to learn some routines to turn their abilities into something effective, so training warriors is the key to making conquests a reality.

Caring for the village is a constant task in the game, do not ever neglect this fact if you do not want it to end up completely destroyed. The success of the missions depends on your ability to manage resources, so your intelligence must be at the right level to achieve successful games.

The best strategy games for iPhone and iPad
The best strategy games for iPhone and iPad

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare, the wildest jungle

Here the playground is the jungle, and we changed the 10th century of our Vikings to the year 2037. Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a great game where your army is key to survive. You must equip the units with the elements necessary for survival and attack.

His tutorial helps you discover what are the secrets of this game. The construction of the base is the starting point, base that you will have to expand and provide key elements for its defense. The management of resources is very important, since exhausting them too soon will reduce your chances of survival. Try to find the right balance for a good advance.

The squadrons are equipped with high technology material, but you must use it well, try not to make mistakes that will lead you to lose your men. It is a game in which small achievements are considered as powerful victories and that catches you for two fundamental reasons: characteristics of the missions and graphic development. All a success by the creators of Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

Throne: Kingdom at War, a trip to the Middle Ages

The presentation that Throne has: Kingdom at War is very tempting, it is a strategy game set in the Middle Ages and where feudal lords, battles with fierce armies, fortresses and castles, in addition to your intelligence have to take you to achieve the goal : to achieve a powerful and prosperous kingdom.

As in all games, after a tutorial where we can learn in a guided way the necessary movements and start to build our scenario, Throne: Kingdom at War stands out in the first place for its graphic section, where nothing has been left to chance, and that the level of detail is maximum and the sensations that it transmits very alive, all this very much in spite of being only a game for a mobile device.

It is already known that in this type of games, patience is necessary, constructions take time and getting a powerful army will take practice, but the gameplay is brutal. Do not sin either boring or slow, Throne: Kingdom at War has the elements that a game in this category must possess: a great plot, excellent graphics and powerful weapons. Of course, always be careful during the game: not everything is what it seems and there may be characters who want to cheat you.

How you can combine these elements depends on your survival, winning battles and being an excellent strategist will make the empire yours. The mixture of complexity and playability makes him the perfect candidate for Throne: Kingdom at Warse to become one of your must-haves.

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