What’s new in Xiaomi is an economical and small-sized LED projector

Xiaomi continues to surprise with the products that she puts on sale in her third-party store. If recently added an electric radiator that was a best seller and a new ideal toaster for single people; Now he has put on the market an LED projector with a small size and at an economical price.

Through Weibo, Mijia, sub-brand of Xiaomi, has announced the new projector of reduced size and at an economical price, since it barely reaches 300 euros. This is the Xiaomi Mijia Projector (Youth Edition), which is on sale in the Chinese market for 2,199 yuan, about 279 euros to change.

Youth Editions are usually the cheapest versions of Xiaomi products. Your new projector is able to offer a resolution of 1080p + and allows you to project a screen of up to 120 inches. In addition, the image is projected thanks to an LED light with a brightness of 500 lumens and is fully compatible with HDR 10 technology.

A small and economical projector

What's new in Xiaomi is an economical and small-sized LED projector
What’s new in Xiaomi is an economical and small-sized LED projector

The Xiaomi Mijia Projector (Youth Edition), in addition to its price, stands out for its small size. In the same way, it has the MIUI TV operating system, an adaptation of MIUI from smart phones to the format of a projector. Among the features of this new device is also the possibility of connecting speakers via Bluetooth to reproduce the sound remotely.

The projector itself has a 90Hz low frequency sound box and supports Dolby and DTS sound. Thanks to WiFi connectivity, it is also capable of playing content wirelessly. To offer a good image, it also has HDMI connectivity and several USB 3.0 ports.

The new projector of Xiaomi stands out for its price, about 279 euros, since currently the cost of a projector is much higher. At the moment it can be obtained in the Chinese market, but it would not be strange that it ended up arriving in the rest of the countries in the coming weeks.

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