Xiaomi and its expansion plan: will sell some of its products in Mercadona in 2020

Xiaomi’s growing expansion plan seems to have no hold. Its list of stores whips much of the peninsula, and everything points to the number of them will grow exponentially throughout 2019. Regardless of the successes harvested with their Mi Store, Xiaomi would be planning to increase its presence in our country with some of its products unrelated to mobile technology.

The alliance with the Valencian group Mercadona is announced for the beginning of 2020, year in which Xiaomi will be present in the most well-known supermarket chain in Spain. With this, Xiaomi would seek to increase its presence in our country, with an agreement that would come after the agreement already signed with Ikea to bring the smart home of Xiaomi to our homes.

Xiaomi to the conquest of the Spanish home

Xiaomi and its expansion plan: will sell some of its products in Mercadona in 2020
Xiaomi and its expansion plan: will sell some of its products in Mercadona in 2020

This was announced Mercadona in his Twitter account, with an air of mystery and intrigue. The official confirmation arrived this morning in the form of a press release, in which Xiaomi affirms that the pact is expected by the beginning of 2020. Likewise, the communiqué anticipates some of the products that will be marketed in the Valencian chain. Mercadona will be responsible for distributing the new line Mi Pure, home air fresheners of Xiaomi, with different fragrances and, as usual in both companies, at a very affordable price. Also, male beauty products would be introduced, such as the Xiaomi Men Razor, the disposable blade of Xiaomi, or the Xiaomi Xumei Turbine, the electric shaving machine of the Chinese company.

Xiaomi aims to introduce its own beauty and cosmetics products in the Spanish market

Some of Mercadona’s own brand of beauty, cosmetics and personal care products will be renamed as a result of the manufacturer’s change. Thus, Deliplus, will have a sub-brand called Deliplus by Xiaomi that will include make-up lines, hygiene products – cleansing creams, wipes, bath gels … -, body hydration, babies, etc. The Valencian group points out that the change will not apply to the entire Deliplus catalog, but to several of its flagship products, which will now be manufactured by the Chinese company.

Our intention with Deliplus is to make the best cosmetics and personal hygiene accessible to the average Spanish home. The new Deliplus by Xiaomi line will maintain the quality already seen in Mercadona’s products, with a more attractive packaging and price. Xiaomi

The news could raise concerns about how it will affect national suppliers and manufacturers, currently responsible for the distribution of many of our national products through the supermarket line. Sources of Mercadona affirm that the new alliance of Xiaomi will not suppose any damage for the suppliers and Spanish manufacturers with which the company usually works, since this one will maintain its quota of purchase of stocks, adding simply to the equation all the line of products Xiaomi .

With this latest partnership, Xiaomi would strengthen its position in the Spanish market both at the smart home level and in the beauty, cosmetics and home maintenance consumables sector. An agreement that would come to benefit users, and make Mercadona in 2020 an even more attractive chain of supermarkets.

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